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We manufacture and supply quality Hydraulic Power Packs. The Power Units are manufactured using quality raw materials and modern techniques. We develop the product range under the supervision of highly qualified professionals to ensure excellent performace. Our Hydraulic Power Products are highly compact and flexible, ready-to-fit units. We can make Power Packs in non-corrosive Stainless Steel materials with specific usage for Pharma and Food Industries.The Hydraulic Power Units are dependable and can be operated effectively with less noise than other types of power units. The hydraulic power packs are specially designed to provide capacities, control options and configurations for various applications. We offer custom Hydraulic Power Packs according to user’s specific requirements at a very cost effective price range. The hydraulic components used in the power packs are carefully selected and put together with high technology systems. These power packs are built to withstand all kinds of harsh and unfavorable environments


Range of Power Packs :  
Discharge Up to 310 LPM
Pressure Up to 315 BAR (optional upto 500 BAR)
Mounting Styles Vertical and Horizontal power units, Integrated Motor Pump unit.




» Design and manufacture of Customised Power Packs, With variable and fixed displacement Pump Assemblies.
» Working pressures up to 400 bar.
» Compact, neat assemblies, allowing for space and weight saving.
» With off-line filtration and cooling Systems
» All system protection accessories
» Response time and power Transmission efficiency, by eliminating conventional


Hydraulic Power Packs for :  
» Iron & steel Industry.
» Cement Industry.
» Port & Infrastructure.
» Paper & Pulp.
» Marine.
» Mining.
» Material handling.
» Defence.
» Engineering & Machine Tools.
» Hydraulic Presses.
» Thermal Power stations
» Hydral power Stations
» Stone crushing units
» Cotton Bale press
» Tobbaco Bale press